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Cocktails & Spirits Olbia - Mint Julep

Cocktails & Spirits

Mint julep... A paradise for lovers of good drinks

Cocktails & Spirits Olbia - Mint Julep
Cocktails & Spirits Olbia - Mint Julep

Signature Cocktail

To Mint julep you will not find the classic The menu of Cocktails but the map of the pirates of thethe expert Bartender Marco Pistonea beacon of mixology, created to guide you through a multi-sensorial journey.

The infinite variety of vermouth, gin, whisky, rum and mezcal expertly blended, combined with creativity and originality in the presentation is a unique experience.

Cocktails & Spirits Olbia - Mint Julep
Cocktails & Spirits Olbia - Mint Julep
Cocktails & Spirits Olbia - Mint Julep

Wine & spirits

Red and white wines not only sardinians but also the best labels of Italian production.

More than 30 vermouth among which stands out the vermouth chinato of the indifferentthe marriage alchemical between bacchus and mint.

Rum and Ron from Martinique, Guadeloupe, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Guyana, Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and the Caribbean.

Whisk(e)y:  japanese, american, irish, scottish, Italian, and single malt

Spirits: brandy, cognac, armagnac, calvados, port, brandy, vodka, tequila and mezcal.

Test a Gin And Tonic only by choosing between the huge selection of Gin from England, Scotland, Italy, Spain, Japan, Usa and Germany.

Amari: Among which stands out theAmaro Aristocratico, sardinia in a sip

Cocktails & Spirits Olbia - Mint Julep

Our productions

Amaro Aristocratico product for Mint Julep by Rau of Sassari, helichrysum, fennel, myrtle leaves, white, gentian and orange peel

Aristocratic Gin From an idea of Marco Pistone comes a London Dry Gin produced and bottled by Liquorificio Italia
The fresh notes of lemon and grapefruit open up to create a fruity but at the same time sour feeling that together with the juniper make the drink dry, never boring. 

Kiazza Craft Beer Sardinia craft Beer produced by the Mint Julep from the Brewery Mediterranean

White Beer (Blanche) 5%
Color: Yellow opalescent

Beer clear opalescent given the use of wheat and spiced with the peel of the bitter orange and coriander.
The palate is rich, of great power and concentration. Of aftertaste and citric acid and very long.

Blonde beer (PALE ALE) 5%
Color: Yellow clear

Beer drinkable by the delicate scent of herbs and flowers. Closes with a pleasant seccchezza in the final.

Amber beer red (Bitter) 5%
Color: Amber Red

Amber beer is characterized by the sweetness of the malts, caramel, balanced by a slight bitter finish.
Enriched by hints of citrus data from the hops.

Cocktails & Spirits Olbia - Mint Julep