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Pizza Gourmet Olbia - Mint Julep

Gourmet Pizza

Mint Julep the door in the panorama olbia an entirely new way of understanding, prepare, taste and enjoy the pizza. 
A “Pizza Gurmè” to Olbia how have you never eaten with the intriguing blend Pizza & Cocktails

Pizza Gourmet Olbia - Mint Julep
Pizza Gourmet Olbia - Mint Julep

Pizza & Cocktails

To Mint julep as a bartender, and pizza maker make the team.
Pizza & Cocktails is the food paring tantalizing taste in the central local of Olbia.

The “Pizza Gurmè”  is the mix between the raw materials of excellence, methods of proving sought-after and topping with seasonal produce of the highest quality.

Pizza Gourmet Olbia - Mint Julep
Migliori pizze Olbia
Pizza Gourmet Olbia - Mint Julep

Pizza by taste and taste

Flour, organic whole grains, low-profile with a minimum of 48 hours to rise on yeast. 250gr special mixture for transforming the fruit of research and interpretation of the chemical in a unique and inimitable taste.

We use the highest quality raw materials in the total respect of seasonality, freshness and authenticity of the earth.

Mint Julep offers “pizza gurmè” the most delicious and nutritious, surprisingly light and easy to digest.

Pizze-Gourmet-09-Mint Julep-Olbia
Pizza Gourmet Olbia - Mint Julep

Pizza "GURMÈ"

Our “Pizza Gurmè” is served in cloves and each clove is a bite and perfect which gives uniqueness. The maximum synergy of taste between the base and filling.

Each creation is characterized by a personal and unique style.

Pizza Gourmet Olbia - Mint Julep
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