Aristocrat's Gin

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Aristocrat's Gin


Vol: 42%
75 cl

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Descriptive sheet of Gin dell'Aristocratico

The Gin is colorless, clear, brilliant.

On the nose the balsamic note of juniper is predominant, flanked by soft fruity hints of grapefruit and lemon that make the bouquet complex and elegant; the final notes are the Mediterranean ones of myrtle which increase the taste-olfactory persistence.

In the mouth the fresh notes of lemon and grapefruit open up creating a fruity but at the same time sour sensation which together with the juniper make the drink dry, never boring. The Mediterranean and herbaceous notes are enhanced in the retronasal by greatly lengthening the drink of the gin which is dry and complex.

The gin is obtained with the London Dry Gin technique, i.e. the distillation of all the botanicals in a single solution through the use of a traditional copper still (Muller).

The botanicals are previously infused for about 12 hours in very pure grain alcohol with less than 1 g/hl of methanol, after which they are discontinuously distilled with a three-plate rectification column which allows to obtain a very clean distillate, free of annoying aromatic peaks and an alcohol content never lower than 80% vol.

Finally, the distillate obtained is diluted with very pure water in several phases so as not to stress the distillate. A period of rest follows in which the gin stabilizes and finally a filtration with cellulose filters to make the London dry gin clear and brilliant.


In an encounter with angelic notes,
under a rain of coriander,
its white flowers.
Blend of scents
vermilion colored,
in a warm embrace,
its captivating scent.

Gin dell'Aristocratico was born from an idea of ​​Marco Pistone

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